I need a forklift, but Which forklift do I need to hire?

Electric Counter Balance

An electric forklift is used for operating inside and outside warehouses and the general loading and unloading of pallets. Available with either a three wheel or four wheel configuration, providing a range of solutions for use within confined, space restricted areas. Electric forklifts are powered by traction batteries, which are simply charged back to power so you can return to the job in hand.

Gas Forklift

Gas forklifts are used for more rigorous applications where downtime is not an option. When the forklift runs low on gas, operators are able to replace the gas bottle without the need to charge a battery when comparing with an electric forklift. Ideally suited for external and internal use on medium to heavy duty work schedules.

Diesel Forklift

Similar to a gas forklift, a diesel forklift offers an ideal option to busy applications, where downtime for battery charging is not an option. Diesel forklifts are used externally, such as yards for frequent loading and unloading. Transport companies often opt for diesel forklifts as they have ready access to diesel.

Reach Truck

Designed to operate within warehouse racking aisles, reach trucks are highly manoeuvrable enabling effortless turning in tight, confined aisles. Drivers are able to position pallets safely in racking using the ‘reach’ mechanism allowing the forks to extend away from the chassis to place the load in the required location. Furthermore, reach forklifts do not lose load capacity when the forks are raised due to their supporting legs used to support pallet loads.

Linde forklift truck hire - Principle Fork Lifts

Hire a Linde E18P Electric Forklift Truck

1800kg capacity   |     4770mm     |      Triple mast

Forklift rental per week - from £95.00 plus VAT

The Linde E18P is the perfect electronic fork lift truck for loading and unloading on a busy location.

Hire a Linde Diesel Fork lift from Principle Forklifts Today

Hire a Linde H20D Diesel Forklift Truck

2000kg capacity    |     4625mm     |      Triple mast

Forklift rental per week - from £95.00 plus VAT

The Linde H20D diesel fork lift truck is ideal for yard use and where durability is required.

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Hire a Linde H20T Gas Forklift Truck

2000kg capacity    |     4625mm     |      Triple mast

Forklift rental per week - from £95.00 plus VAT

The Linde H20T gas forklift truck is the answer if there is a problem with the electrical supply and diesel is unsuitable. It can be used indoors, outdoors and over uneven ground.

Linde E14 Electric Counter Balance

Hire a Linde E14C Electric Forklift Truck

1400kg capacity    |     4625mm     |      Triple mast

Forklift rental per week - from £90.00 plus VAT

The Linde E14C three wheel electric fork lift truck is the best multipurpose option for where one truck is needed to do everything. It is compact and manoeuvrable for indoor stacking, as well as stable enough for loading and unloading.

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Hire a Linde R14 Reach Truck

1400kg capacity    |     80000mm     |      Triple mast

Reach truck rental per week - from £95.00 plus VAT

The Linde reach truck range is the most popular form of mechanical handling equipment for indoor high stacking. They operate in narrow aisles and can lift up to 10.5m. Furthermore, they are much easier to operate compared to other options.

(Forklift hire rates may vary according to application and forklift specification.)

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