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At Principle Fork Lifts, we take pride in offering the very best equipment on the market through our supply of used Linde forklifts. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our operations, including the refurbishment process for each forklift we offer.

We adhere to our top level quality standards when refurbishing all types of forklifts, including gas, electric, and used diesel models. Our advantage lies in the fact that the refurbishment process is overseen by our hand picked team, who specialise in Linde equipment, ensuring a professional restoration.

We prioritise the adherence to current safety standards and conduct thorough testing, overhauling, and replacement of technical components as needed. Through meticulous cleaning and painting, our used forklifts are also aesthetically impeccable, making it difficult for even experts to distinguish them from new ones.

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Linde Used Forklifts – As good as new.

When it comes to refurbishing our used Linde forklifts, we leave no stone unturned. Our dedicated team of experts meticulously inspects and restores each forklift to ensure it reaches top condition, both technically and aesthetically. We follow rigorous quality standards and adhere to the highest safety and sustainability guidelines throughout the refurbishment process.

Our refurbishing process goes beyond mere functionality. We pay careful attention to every detail, ensuring that the forklifts not only operate flawlessly but also look visually appealing. By combining technical expertise with aesthetic considerations, we ensure that our refurbished forklifts exude quality and professionalism.

One of the hallmarks of our reconditioned used forklift trucks is their reliability. We have full confidence in the quality and durability of the Linde forklifts we offer. That’s why we provide a long warranty for all our reconditioned forklift trucks, which is comparable to the warranty provided with brand-new Linde forklifts. This warranty gives you peace of mind and reassurance that your investment is protected.

When you choose a used Linde forklift from Principle Fork Lifts, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality, dependable piece of equipment. Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to delivering top-notch refurbished forklifts set us apart in the industry. Experience the quality and reliability of our used forklifts and discover why Principle Fork Lifts is the trusted choice for businesses seeking exceptional equipment.

Linde Gas Counter Balance Forklift Truck

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Complete range of Linde forklifts available including electric counter balance forklifts, reach trucks and powered pallet trucks

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The Customer Advantages of Principle Fork Lifts Refurbishment:

When a Linde used forklift rolls out of our refurbishment centre in Thorpe, Surrey it carries with it a certification that truly reflects our commitment to excellence. It meets the rigorous standards set by our 5 stage quality principles, which govern every step of our refurbishment process. The 5 stage forklift refurbishment serve as a testament to the reliability and quality you can expect from us.

Advantage 1: Safety

Advantage 2: Technology

Advantage 3: Appearance

Advantage 4: Reliability

Advantage 5: Sustainability

Benefits at a glance:

Truck Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 12-month warranty on your truck, ensuring any component defect or failure are covered.*

Battery Warranty: Our batteries are warrantied for a minimum of 12 months, ensuring its performance and reliability.*

No Maintenance Worries: With our full year warranty, you do not have maintenance costs to worry about.*

New Safety Check: Your truck will undergo a thorough safety check, valid for 12 months, ensuring it meets all safety standards.

10 Days Return Policy: If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your purchase, take advantage of our 10-day return policy.*

Full Service Option: Opt for our comprehensive full-service package, allowing you to focus on your work while we handle all maintenance needs.

Mobility Guarantee: With our full-service contract, you will receive same day service backup, ensuring your truck stays operational.

Attractive Financing Options: We offer flexible and appealing financing plans to suit your budget and needs.

Trade-In Offer: If you have a used Linde truck, take advantage of our trade-in option to get value towards your new purchase.

*12-month warranty for up to 1,000 operating hours
* 12-month battery warranty for 1,000 operating hours (one-shift operations conditions apply)
* 12 months full service contract, up to 1,000 operating hours
* 10-day return policy from truck delivery date for standard trucks (return transport at buyer’s expense)

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